Our Company was established in 1998 as an entity providing services in the scope of mechanical cutting of various materials using laser and water jet technique. In the first years of operation we were present on the service markets regarding raw materials and water jet cutting. Couple of years ago we decided to broaden our offer of materials processing using laser technique. Since then we have gained significant experience in performing diverse tasks of our Customers.

Out current technical base allows us providing a wide range of services of the highest quality. We offer quick performance time of the order and professional technical consultancy. On the client’s request we are able to cut in any material. Our offer includes cutting: black steel, stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, plexiglass, PVC, wood, rubber, leather, colour laminate, glass, and synthetic stone.

  • Our new milling machine

    Our new milling machine

    Our latest HAAS VF4SS machine is a super-fast vertical machining center with a machining range of 500x1250mm…

  • What can we cut with a water jet

    What can we cut with a water jet

    The waterjet cutting method is very versatile and has a wide range of applications. The cutting tool is a concentrated and high-pressure jet…

  • What can be cut with a laser

    What can be cut with a laser

    Laser cutting is a modern processing method with similar dimensional parameters as classical mechanical processing. The main difference…

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