What can we cut with a water jet

The waterjet cutting method is very versatile and has a wide range of applications. The cutting tool is a concentrated and high-pressure jet of liquid or a mixture of liquid and abrasive (at a pressure of 4137 bar). A significant advantage of water cutting is the lack of thermal impact. This processing method is not accompanied by a change in the structure of the material being cut and there are no stresses known from classical cutting methods.

Waterjet cutting allows you to cut a wide range of materials:

  • parts of machines and devices, e.g. sieves, gear wheels,
  • gaskets, even very complicated ones
  • decorative elements of ceramics, stoneware, stone
  • rosettes, mosaics,
  • alloy, chrome and tool steels,
  • non-ferrous metals,
  • glass wool,
  • wood, wood-like materials,
  • natural stone, precious stones,
  • aluminum,
  • sponges, foams,
  • glass, bulletproof glass,
  • paper, cardboard,
  • mineral wool,
  • textiles,
  • composites and plastics,
  • tiles, stoneware, ceramic tiles.
  • advertising materials, three-dimensional letters, trademarks, awards,
  • furniture, elements used in interior design,

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