Laser cutting

Precisely and quickly

Choosing the technology of cutting both for a single task and for starting up a production line of a given product is a key factor for the successful result of the undertaking – different technologies mean different advantages and disadvantages of the solution, mainly related to time and costs but also connected to technological limitations. It is not difficult to find a lot of works on laser and water jet cutting on the internet; very often they suggest that one technology is better than the other. The truth is the material cutting technique depends on the type of material, its size, required precision and finishing of the element, its cover, resistance to temperature, and other factors.

Laser cutting constitutes an up-to-date method of processing of dimension parameters similar to the standard mechanical processing. The basic difference is in the used cutting agent; in case of the laser cutting it is a hot laser ray and the technical gas of high purity. Depending on the used device (above all, its power) the cutting is carried out in three different ways: burning, melting or sublimation.

Laser cutting

If in a given case both laser cutting and water jet cutting meet the production requirements in terms of quality, we suggest using laser method since in our opinion it has at least two significant advantages:

  • 1


    cutting at the speed of concentrated light leaves all other ways behind

  • 2

    Quality of cut edge

    thanks to very narrow cutting beam the edges are smooth and precise, achieving appropriate thickness of the material at which (the smoothness decreases)

The use of lasers in industry:

  • cutting
  • welding
  • marking,
  • drilling holes,
  • surface processing,
  • hardening,
  • melting the surface layer,
  • enriching the surface layers in alloying components,
  • adding the surface layer (surfacing by welding).

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